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Friday, 15 December 2017      

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Cosmic Christ Mass Consciousness Connection for the December Solstice 2017 PDF Print E-mail

halo-2646333 640
As we enter this sacred passageway of December at the completion of this extraordinary year of ONE (2017=2+0+1+7=10=1+0=1), I feel drawn to gather a group together by distance again, to connect with the Cosmic Christ consciousness which is streaming to us in the form of solar codes and other activating energies from the depths of beyond what we know.

Connecting with our Sun is so important at this transitional time, as we navigate this final twelfth of our Earth year 2017. It is through our Sun that we are receiving the Christ Light in stronger and stronger frequencies now, to assist our awakening as a species and to propel our planet into its new incarnation.

The Collective of assisting high-vibrational beings, including the ascended masters, angels, fairies and ET guides, is connecting with us more and more strongly and clearly at this time, activating within us our dormant and distant memories and DNA structure. We are being re-programmed.

One of my roles in all of this, very surprisingly to me I must admit, seems to be to allow these high frequencies to flow through my physical structure for the benefit of others and our planet. I have apparently done this before in other lifetimes and in other time-space realities..... my human self would often rather hide this ability and do 'normal' things, but sometimes the vibrating takes over and 'they' win!

This time, as well as inviting you to join me for the Cosmic Christ Activation on 21st December at 12noon GMT, I was given the image whilst walking in the sun today, of us all connecting every day in December at 12noon for a 3-minute pulse, or heartbeat. This will connect us at a high frequency and the lines of light between us will pulse more and more strongly as we reach the Solstice - the peak of Solar inflow.

On the 21st, lie down for 12noon and I will offer myself as a channel for whatever codes and frequencies you/we are ready for. I'll describe this process in further detail below, in the 'read more' section.

In the northern hemisphere the 21st is the shortest day, when we look forward to the return of the Light, while the southern hemisphere celebrates the longest day with the sun at its zenith. We beginning to understand, or remember, the sun's role in our reality: we knew it was the source of life on Earth but we remember now that it is a portal for the highest Light frequencies and codes from other 'worlds', other dimensions.

All you need do is to lie down and relax for about an hour at 12noon on 21st December (if you can, or at any time on this day if you can't). 

I'd be very honoured if you'd join me, and I'm suggesting an energy exchange of your choice - from the master numbers £3.33, £11.11, £22.22 or £33.33. Or, if you find yourself unable to contribute, please do register anyway by dropping me a message via the 'contact me' form on this site. Your donations are immensely appreciated. Thank you so much.

Welcome to Sally Phillips Healing, based in Southampton, UK PDF Print E-mail

SallyWelcome to my website - and thank you for popping in here on your journey to full health and happiness!

I offer powerful and effective healing therapies so that you can improve your health naturally to achieve the state of well-being you deserve:

Reconnective Healing, distance Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and EFT.  I am now also offering distance Dimensional Integration sessions by Skype and distance Cosmic Activations (see below).

Reconnective Healing allows you to tap into an extremely powerful vibrational healing energy which will immerse you in the frequency of love.  In person or by distance, the process is equally strong. People are now able to tangibly feel the tingling, the buzzing, of these light vibrations which raise our frequency. You relax very deeply, allowing the body to regenerate and self-heal. Please take the opportunity to try it first, by distance for free - every Wednesday, 21.30-22.00 UK time.

The Reconnection is a process which takes place in two parts, one to three days apart. It reconnects your body's own energy meridian lines to the axiatonal energy gridlines which make up the universe.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is an amazing technique pioneered by Dolores Cannon, the 'grandmother of hypnotherapy'.  It uses Past Life Regression as a doorway into your subconscious and higher self to reveal answers to your life's questions and instant healing from Source.

I offer appointments in Southampton, and distance Cosmic Activations & Reconnective Healing.

I hope that you enjoy visiting my website, and welome your questions via the Contact form.

Dimensional Integration Sessions by Skype PDF Print E-mail

prairie-679014 640Would you like to journey to meet your other aspects of SELF? Would you like to understand your previous lifetimes on Earth and in the other dimensions? Do you have issues in this current lifetime which you a ready to resolve, once and for all?

I am now offering one-to-one healing and integration sessions by Skype. You will journey into a state of deep awareness and meet higher versions of yourSELF - your Higher Self. Bring your current challenges and questions, as well as anything you have always wanted to know about this lifetime, and together we can navigate the realms of greater understanding.

I channel higher-frequency light vibrations and use my voice (which also carries codes and frequency-patterns) to lead you into a deeply relaxed state - the brainwave state of Theta. We journey together through appropriate scenarios of your past lives, your parallel lives, your life-between-lives and maybe your future, or potential lives. We meet your Higher Self and ask questions and receive explanations, understanding, resolution and healing.

These sessions last around three hours and require a very good internet connection and previous experience of meditation or visualisation. You will receive a recording of the main part of your session, complete with healing frequencies, via mp3 download. This can be used regularly to understand more and to continue with physical healing where appropriate.

My fee is £144 (GBP), Paypal button below, and when you book I will use your Paypal email address to contact you to arrange your session. Please use the comments box when paying if your name isn't obvious on your Paypal, or send me a Facebook message at the same time, to say who you are!

Distance Cosmic Activation PDF Print E-mail

star-clusters-74052 640Either individually or as part of a group, these Cosmic Activations take place in two parts of an hour each, on consecutive days.

I am asking for an energy exchange of £33 (total for both parts).  33 is the number which represents Christ Consciousness, and several have confirmed that this is being felt during the process.  Here are just a few early excerpts from the feedback, for which I am so grateful.....

I felt the wrapping of my body in white light (Lisa, U.S.)

The whole ME is feeling totally fallen in LOVE (Andrea, Germany)

I started singing in a strange language, hands were moving going up high, like they were dancing to the songs that were coming out of my mouth. (Daphne, Netherlands)

I think here I was singing in a language foreign to me..... Waves of love, warmth, peace and quiet (Tania)

The whole time I felt light as if I was floating/being lifted up, such a blissful feeling....I had a vision of myself lying on a crystal bed, shafts of golden white light beaming down into my body in all directions from above and a circle of Angels around me singing. (Kryssy)

Towards the end violet light started emanating from my whole body outwards. (Josa)

Aware of archangels and ascended masters and... their joy that this connective work is being done. Several really deep and beautiful experiences of complete Oneness and merging with the entire Universe/s. All channels and grids moving, flowing, interweaving. Intense vibration throughout body. (Helen, Scotland)

I had a vision of each one of us connecting in a circle of Golden White Light. I saw the ley lines of Mother Earth light up gradually, and begin to pulsate.... I was told that the Christ Consciousness energy was activated. (Judy, U.S.)

Much more of the feedback to be shared soon!  And please click on 'read more' to find out more about the process.  For your individual Cosmic Activation, please use the 'contact me' form on this website, and we can arrange a mutually convenient time.  The individual fee is £99.

If you'd like to sign up for the next group activation you are so welcome to join me on this magical journey, please use the Paypal button here, and I'll contact you to arrange convenient times.

Weekly Wednesday Distance Healing PDF Print E-mail

Join me and Helen Quail (whose website is here) for some distance healing and group lightwork, every Wednesday at 9.30pm UK time.  These sessions are offered to everyone everywhere free of charge, and in service to humanity and our beloved planet Gaia.

Following the fabulous enthusiasm and feedback, this has been a weekly event now since I 'experimented' with it in May 2013.  It's a group healing session, to experience more fully the frequencies of love and light which are flooding our planet right now. You just need to make yourself comfortable in a quiet space, with a lamp or low lighting on, and a blanket within reach. The ideal position is lying on your back on a bed.

At 9.30pm we activate the healing, which lasts around half an hour, or more. You may feel tingly in different parts of your body, heat, cold, a slight breeze, a magnetic pull, or you may see a colour or even a scene or a symbol. Many people go into REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and you may see flashes of light while this is happening.  It's fine if your body vibrates quite strongly and physically - just know that you are bathed in the love of the Universe. If you don't feel anything, that's fine too - just enjoy the time out and the feeling of relaxation moving through your body.



“I've had many different kinds of healing, but Reconnective Healing was completely different.  Amazing energy!  My feet were pulsating inside - it felt as if there were lots of hands giving me energy.  I felt very light and at peace.” Mo, Southampton.


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